Location: San Francisco, USA.
Employment: Unemployed (with potential canine-caring duties on horizon).
Doing: Trying to get self to pursue private study. Theory being this will help me decide on career to pursue. Also wandering about, getting groceries, being a wee bit domestic.
Decisions to make: When to leave SF. Where to go to school (country & city). What to study. When to make study applications. Whether to just travel some more instead.

Easy to lose track of time being unemployed in gorgeous San Francisco with lovely male company. Today, for example, is sunny but with crisp, fresh air. Could just walk the hills all day. Could also eat blackberry jam+Ryvita crackers all day.
Listened to inexcusable dance music and greatly missed ladies who would accompany me for shameless dorking out at Augusta House.

For my beloved nerds in the TO: