As I go from place to place I do my best to ferret out sugar-free and yeast-free food products. Sticking to an odd restrictive diet like this can be pretty difficult, and the availability of helpful products varies dramatically from one location to the next. I last tried to stick to this diet–really stick to it–when I was fifteen, and I only resumed looking for these products in the past July.

The following is a summary of some yeast-free items I have found and enjoyed while staying in San Francisco and the places from whence they came:

littlespeltlittlebagelsFrench Meadow Bakery 100% Spelt Bread and French Meadow 100% Spelt Bagels purchased from Rainbow Grocery.

Really, really enjoyed these products. They were best toasted. It was so exciting to have bread again and have it taste really good. Other yeast-free breads I’ve tried have been tasteless or super-dry, but this is just like eating really good “normal” bread. The price is pretty reasonable. I’m genuinely hooked (in a good, non-addicted kind of way) to the French Meadow products. I’m yet to try their tortillas, but I hope to. Also keen for their Woman’s Bread. Their products are overwhelmingly yeast-free.

bread_kwhitePacific Bakery Kamut White Bread also purchased from Rainbow.

This was a pretty good bread too. I’m partial to brown breads, so I preferred the French Meadow breads, however this one was moist and light enough to make a sandwich out of. I fully intend to try out more of their products, since Rainbow had a good variety and good prices. I was a little put off Pacific Bakery purely on customer service grounds before I ever got a chance to try the breads. Their website offers a store locating service, but after waiting a couple of weeks for my email to be responded to I called them and received audible irritated sighing and was informed, “We don’t even know which stores stock us anymore. Just ask at your local health food place.”

(Oh yes – happy New Year’s Eve!)