Yes, there has been a large gap between updates.  Dear Friend Rachael has informed me that I am “shithouse at updating [my] blog”, a fact which I am well aware of.  Sorry, Rachee!

Let’s begin at the beginning and go on till we come to the end; then stop, shall we?

Location: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.
Employment: Unemployed and actively looking. The temp agency emails to spew forth over the course of the weekend. Fingers crossed for a great placement with an organisation that Does Good! Feels a wee bit like lightning can’t strike a third time, but we shall see.
Place of residence: Mum’s! Although this flat is very much Mum-sized (read: teeny), she’s doing everything she can to put me up and make room for me. Would like to get out of her hair sharpish, however. Plan is to get a job, then get a place I can lease short term, since I don’t want to be tied down. Furnished, hopefully. Populated with nerds, feminists, hippies, geeks, crafty people, foodies. I wish!
Doing: The aforementioned job hunt. Plus getting used to Cardiff. I am considering trying to blog my attempts to Get Friends and be as honest about the process as I can. Despite having moved to NZ knowing no-one, I fell into my friends circles out of sheer luck, and this time I am resolved to go about it project-like.
Decisions to make: Staying in Cardiff? Moving on elsewhere in the UK? Going back to TO?