I am concerned. I’m quite in debt, and things aren’t looking great.

This morning I decided something. I do not want to compromise and find myself working minimum wage jobs and failing to get out of debt for months on end and basically wasting 2009. So if I don’t get the sort of job I want then I’m going.

In all likelihood it would cost about the same to relocate in the UK as it would to go back to TO. Am I being too hasty and running scared back to Canada, or am I following my brilliant woman intuition? Is there a list of things I should check for in a new city before I make a decision on staying?

Mum’s friend’s niece is an OT who passed on the information that there are seven hospitals in the Cardiff area that have speech-language departments. Supposedly they always want assistants, so it’s worth calling.

Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK.
Employment: Unemployed, only one temp agency interview under my belt. One failed to make a second promised call to me after telling me the situation was “dire”. A few unrelated tales of difficulty finding work from friends. Have put in an application for one permanent job that sounded interesting, but the thought of being “permanent” in yet another meaningless, menial office slave girl job makes me feel nauseous.
Place of residence: Mum’s. Hope I’m not cramping her style or wasting her money too much. I went to look into a room that was totally great and would be exactly what I want, and the very nice owners of the house said they could be flexible and I could check in any time to see if it’s still available. They have cats!
Doing: Job hunt with added levels of panic = hermit. Gumtree has had some “friends only” adverts from people who sounded nice, fun and sane and definitely worth meeting for a coffee. But I do not have coffee money! Mum has proposed a packed lunch trip to St. Fagan’s for the weekend. Catching up on Big Love season three.
Decisions: Time to start asking Perthicans to be my Australia-based assistants in getting Canadian visa #2? Take a deep breath and ask for an application form at Walkabout?