Things are starting to hum along. The Cardiff Hays office is generating some work for me. The other temp agencies (Adecco, Pertemps, Kelly, Office Angels, Brook Street) all gave me a variety of different brush offs, and haven’t been heard from since. Almost want to write a letter to Hays head office or something to praise the efforts of white knight Tommy in getting work for me.

During the weekend went exploring Cardiff and St. Fagan’s with Mum. Acquainted ourselves with Cardiff’s trendy City Road and Albany Road cafe strip. There seems to be a lot going on at a place named Milgi’s — feminist group meetups, free movie nights, monthly bazaars. And apparently they have a yurt. So. I really want to see inside the yurt!

On Albany Road had lunch on a cozy café’s patio and wondered if all the desperate “we have a patio, promise!” signs are starting to appear in front of Toronto cafés, restaurants and pubs.

St. Fagan’s was a gorgeous day’s walking. It’s 100 acres of Welsh National Museum, as the whole place is dotted with heritage buildings that have been painstakingly moved from all over Wales and rebuilt to functional standard. The 16th century manor house is surrounded by groomed gardens, including a grove of mulberry trees sunk into soft, lush grasses around 1620. The old trees are gnarled into a mass of knots and thick bark. Some have fallen over, but their roots are still in the ground and Mum says they were still covered in leaves when she visited in summer. I love mulberries.

Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK
Employment: Hays Cardiff are plugging away for me. A one day reception job on the 19th, then what was once a three week job and is now a one week job begins Monday the 23rd. Calling old Toronto job today to see about summer work.
Place of residence: Mum’s, and will most likely stay here for a while now.
Doing: Working soon, plunking about online and emailing in between. Was going to attend the Reclaim the Night march last night, but stomach ache did prevail. Planning to attend Ignite Cardiff in early April.
Decisions: Hold on and see how work goes, but fingers crossed UHN need me for the summer.