So, obviously I let the events pot boil over and now there’s news residue burnt all over the stovetop of my life.
As I clearly have a short attention span I will announce here that I want to break this post down into bite-sized chunks. Now that’s over with I’ll probably get into writing it and whack out something that rivals the length (if not the content) of War and Peace.

Anyway. The facts are these (substitute “facts” with “ingredients” if you’re enjoying my loose culinary theme and wish to stick with it): I kind of would like to go back to Toronto. Do not wish to commit to a permanent job here and the wages are too low working as an unskilled office temp, plus the cost of living is too high. Am in debt to very patient and understanding fellow. Do not wish to muck him about.

I’ve been working for the last five weeks, but my assignment just ended on Friday. I have two agency interviews on Tuesday. However! Very dear friends are making a rare appearance in San Francisco from the 26th to the 28th of May, and I would dearly love to see them again. So this kind of loose plan thing is to try and squeeze as many GBPs out of temping as I can in the next five weeks, then go to SF for a couple of weeks, and then return to TO to prevail upon the hospitality of friends until I’m on my feet.

And what of my amazing, yet unborn career? I dunno. I definitely want to do something in health care. I consider that a single big toe towards a first step. I had been thinking about speech pathology, and a speechie I look up to has twice asserted her belief that it would be something I’d fit into well. Once upon a time I wanted to be a nurse. Nowadays I give some consideration to caring for OAPs.
The idea had been to go back to school long distance this year, via Open University Australia. But I need to be somewhere stable and with access to good libraries for that. Truthfully, I probably have greater chance of trying things out in entry level assistant kinds of jobs here, but I also do have connections via UHN in Toronto.

So there. An update on what I’m doing that’s probably as scattered as all of my thoughts on the subject/s. Enjoy!

Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK
Employment: Hays Cardiff have dangled an NHS office admin contract. They say they’re waiting on the client, and so I await them both. In the meantime interviewing with other agencies.
Place of residence: Mum’s, and I think she’s doing a sterling job of tolerating my presence, honestly.
Doing: Actually getting out and meeting some awesome, lovely people. Twitter gave the gift of communication and new friends!
Decisions: Can I actually afford to go to SF in May? Should I come back to Cardiff after SF or should I go straight to TO? Can I afford to get my hair cut/eyebrows threaded/new frames for my glasses?