This past weekend has been spent almost entirely by reading a wonderful blog that goes by the title of Brain Scramble, RN. I’ve spent weeks combing through the internet, but have felt a connection with few of the nursing bloggers’ writing styles. Caroline’s blog has been a godsend because I identified intensely with her – right down to the fact she uses Excel spreadsheets to maintain control in her life. I am lost without my budget spreadsheet!
For my birthday last week Mumsy gifted me a couple of nursing books I had been drooling over and I’m working my way through those – nerding out in my lunch breaks at work by scurrying off into quiet corners to engage in voluntary study!
The course I want to get into opens their first semester 2010 applications this Monday and closes them again at the end of September, so I have two months to work as hard as I can at figuring out how to write a personal statement that works for me. I’d also like to have St. John’s first aid training under my belt, and I am embarking on a four week phlebotomy course beginning on the 15th of August.

Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK
Employment: Landed a three month contract and am two weeks in.
Place of residence: Mum’s flat, where it appears I will be staying.
Doing: Reading nursing books and blogs while freaking out about my applications.
Decisions: Should I apply for all three schools that would allow me to begin my degree in early 2010 even though I’m none too enthusiastic about two of them, or should I only apply for the one I really want and wait until second semester aplications open and my second preference school becomes a possibility?

Previous decisions decided:
Is nursing really going to be right for me? Obviously, have decided it’s right enough to go ahead with applications.
Where should I spend my time if it turns out it will be a 12 month wait for school and not a 6 month one? Definitely in the UK until December. After that is much blurrier.