My poor oft abandoned blog.

I have recently had reason to be writing fairly regularly. It’s made me want to start writing informally more, so here I am. I am quite willing to admit I never expected myself to become an accomplished and frequent blogger. Sure, over the last few years I have had plenty to babble about, but I could never really make it crystallise into anything much.

So, here I go again. I have some goals this time:

  1. Writing practise.
  2. Keep friends and family up to date.
  3. Connect with professional community.

Location: Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Employment: Forget it! I am a student suckling on the teat of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Place of residence:

The bottom bit is ours! (Earth realm is ours!)

Flat on the hillside! With Aaron!
Doing: Studying! I got into a three year nursing programme. I am one term in, with the second term of first semester, four assignments and two exams to go ’til holidays (and work, hopefully).
Decisions: Nothing nearly as important as I have previously blogged about. Mostly things now like, “Should I cut sugar out of my diet?” and, “Will I find any temp work during the mid-year holiday?”

Having just spent about five weeks in a row studying the importance of nutrition, I am feeling bucketloads of guilt over my Easter indulgences. We ended up with more junk than planned because family visited and left us with lollies they didn’t want to take home. I attempted to create an antidote last night by way of chicken and vegetable soup with brown rice, but have cancelled that out again during the course of today. Our lecturer in health care repeatedly stated his belief that we should be the healthiest generation. We have the most advanced knowledge about nutrition and the most advanced resources, says he. Based on personal experience, my unhealthiest food-based part of my life came about when I was utterly, utterly, completely miserable with my daily life, particularly my soul-destroying job. How can we help people whose only daily enjoyment comes from a chocolate bar? I had to eventually choose to help myself, having shelved advice from people who cared about me as something I’d come back to later.

The same lecturer steered us toward the CSIRO’s 12345+ Diet, which treads the familiar food pyramid plan path. I may undertake a project of dedicatedly following the plan and see if it saves me from this post-Easter headachy, tummyachy grossness.