The fashion of the new season: fleece, fleece and more fleece, and all of it Kmart-bought.

I think I am getting a good peek at what a winter studying in Launceston holds for me. Aaron has gone to bed ill, so I can’t study all tucked up in case I disturb him. My hands are frozen, my feet are frozen, and by God, I cannot make myself read any more about Urie Bronfenbrenner and bioecological development, I just can’t. To make matters worse, I don’t really feel like I’ve crammed my head full. I’m just too cold to focus on a poorly-scanned chapter from a book.

I love it.

Tomorrow we get our first proper assessment returned to us. I know I phoned this one in a little bit, and I have been more and more worried about it since I handed it in. We were asked to write in report format, which could be: “However you think a report might look like.” Don’t give me that kind of margin! I will declare a report to look like a big piece of butcher’s paper with crayon scribbles on it and “SUPPORT CHILD PEDESTRIANS – BAN CARS” as the heading. Mind, they must have seen me coming, since they reined us in with a 1300 minimum word requirement.

Anyway, frozen fingers crossed! I imagine I now know enough about this particular developmental theory to blag my way through at the very least. Am telling myself that if I only had a couch I would totes curl up on it with a blanket and get so much reading done my textbook wouldn’t know what hit it. I suspect that might actually be true! I like couches, and I do rather like my textbooks.

Maybe I should have just cosplayed this gal instead.