"This exam is asking me WHAT?!"

I had my second and final exam for first semester on Friday morning. It was kind of a shocker and left me wondering if I had drastically misinterpreted the overall message of our narratives unit. I thought we had been given a number of loose theories and trains of thought on what nursing is today, how it came to be how it is currently, and how we can utilise our own strengths – and build on them – to contribute to the future of nursing. All lovely stuff which I could comfortably write about at length.

And then: THE EXAM!
Upon looking at the exam paper I briefly wondered if I was even in the right class. The questions were highly specific, far less wide open and broad than I expected, and entire topics we were told would be included were not there. Perhaps we were told to study them, and not that they were to be included. There were some rumblings about making a complaint from some of the students. Not sure I feel that way inclined, although I might change my mind when we get our final grades back on the 7th of July.

So, before me stretch three weeks of leisure. I have some projects planned, natch:

  • Hunt down cheap cheaper books for next semester. Big aim is to get the total cost below $550 (down from $630ish).
  • Get lovely sourdough starter going and begin regularly producing homemade bread.
  • Develop a daily routine inclusive of exercise and regular dish washing!
  • MEGA cleaning of the icebox flat.
  • Figure out where to get “black or navy blue” shoes that can be “wiped down” that don’t make me want to vom.
  • Get Hep B injection #2 and find out once and for all if I have inherited Mumsy’s resistance to the English measles vaccine (all signs point to yes).
  • Work on nursing numeracy book to hopefully counteract years of mathematical synapses going dormant.
  • Spend fourth week of holiday on campus taking booster bio introduction classes.
  • Finally arrange getting new lenses in new frames!

Doesn’t that all sound fun? I am genuinely looking forward to it! Errands start tomorrow with shopping for gifts for family in town and a dinner of recipe experimentation — I plan on making spinach and lentil soup and baked pepper potato chips, having just found the Veg Inspirations blog yesterday.