This holiday has been expensive! Because we went to… Launceston… and we had a mild time!

I’m back at uni as of today, since I signed up for a three-day full-on science intro course. Technically this is actually the last week of holidays, but as one of the first subjects I let slide when I gave up in high school was science, I figured I should attend and brush up. And what did we learn in the first session of the day? Last semester was easy. Here comes reality. 12 hours minimum per week should be dedicated to our bioscience unit alone. Sobering stuff, since I got very comfy with doing my lectures from home, only turning up on campus once a week, and being able to heavily rely on my own experiences in life plus general knowledge to get me through.

In between “how to study” and “how to use the school’s online resources” sessions were genuinely useful and helpful chemistry lectures. I felt good about what I was understanding during them, and then immediately when it was teensy revision quiz time I felt like a jellybrain again.

"My father was a jellybrain?" "Yes, that's why he et his own feet."

Between the ENORMOUS amount of money I’ve had to dish out recently for books, new glasses (that was a total disaster) and some clothing, and what feels now like insurmountable chunks of stuff I need to learn, I actually feel like real university is beginning to kick in. It’s a little bit daunting.

Perhaps I actually ought to complete the fluff “what kind of learner are you?” quiz thingie they gave us and like, structure my learning and do a daily schedule or something…

Actually, I should be less facetious about it. I am due to be an aunt any minute now, and the plan is to join Mum in October in a family descent upon unsuspecting Perth for baby inspection. Problem is, the first two weeks Mum’s in WA I’ll be on prac, the third week is my exam prep week, and the fourth week is my first exam week, which makes booking cheap flights in advance close to impossible. All I can do is force myself to really stay on top of my work, maybe get an assessment or two completed in advance, and cross my fingers for the next three months.

Now to waste more money on a lab coat…