Often throughout my first year at uni people missed out on important information. Sometimes it was the uni’s fault, and sometimes it was because the student didn’t check their clunky and gross (totally objective, me) university webmail. What I did was set my webmail account to auto-forward to my proper email account, so I actually get all the news as soon as possible. Since I am a nerd/former officey adminny person, I was all over being able to do this, but not all students are, so here’s a three step how-to for my fellow students:

Firstly, log into your yucky webmail. Then select the circled 'Options' tab.

Then choose 'Settings' and once the page has loaded, scroll down...

You'll come to a 'Mail Forwarding' section, and here you tick the 'Enable Forwarding' box, and then enter the email address you want to be automatically recieving your uni mail to in the 'Email Address' field.

And that should help keep you abreast of uni emails, for better or for maddeningly annoying!