WordPress suggested this be the “About me” page. Most people reading this will already know all about me, but here is a vague timeline thing:

  1. Finished high school in Perth, Western Australia in 2000 with zero ideas on what to do with myself.
  2. Tried out a Bachelor of Arts in English and it was not for me. (Loved “Myth, Ritual & Magic 101”, though!)
  3. Worked at horrible, evil company from 2002-2005.
  4. Moved to Auckland, New Zealand and did terribly at finding a happy-making job. Also did badly at securing regular temping work. Met lovely people, though.
  5. Met lovely, lovely, lovely boyfriend (properly).
  6. Lived in Toronto for a year and fell deeply in love with the city. Felt like actual life I am interested in living was happening there, as opposed to other places.
  7. Lived in “lovely Welsh Wales” for a year and got in touch with British roots via repatriated mother. Also worked for the BBC with delightfully mad types.
  8. Moved back to Australia (Tasmania, actually!) with lovely boyfriend to undertake learning once more, this time aiming for nursing degree.